Agricultural tax auditors await hearing with minister

Jan, 07, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Agricultural tax auditors, who have been demanding the restructuring of their careers and the holding of public tenders since the end of last month, hope to have an audience with Tereza Cristina, the Minister of Agriculture.

The idea behind this meeting is to negotiate a solution that will satisfy the auditors’ demands, which have hindered the release of agricultural items for import and export.

“We are positive that her (the minister) is going to grant us a hearing,” said the president of Anffa Sindical, Janus Pablo de Macedo, to Reuters.

According to him, the group is seeking career restructuring beyond salary issues, and also wants public tenders to be held, since there is a deficit of 1,600 agricultural auditors in the country.

“The duration of the mobilization is undetermined. We are trying to have a dialogue with the Ministry of Agriculture”, added the union leader.

When asked, the Ministry stated that it is monitoring the situation and evaluating any possible consequences and that, if necessary, it will take action to assure “the normalcy of affected services.”

The president of Anffa Sindical avoided talking about the impacts of the “standard” operation on agricultural exports and imports from Brazil. Albeit he said that products that are not priorities may have “some kind of extension” when under inspection.

The protesters defined which activities are to be considered a priority among those that can directly affect the citizen, such as the release of live cargo, inspection of passenger and pet luggage.

The “standard” operation also has no effect on the inspection of perishable products or disease and pest diagnosis, allowing disease control and eradication operations to occur without further disturbances.

Macedo also said that it is difficult to measure the impacts of their movement as Federal Revenue officers are also holding a protest simultaneously.

The unrest began when President Jair Bolsonaro decided to sanction a budget adjustment for federal police officers only in the following year’s budget.

Source: Valor Econômico

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