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A new chapter of the dispute for the expansion of the Port of Manaus

Sep, 26, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 201940

The companies Super Terminais and Chibatão, both located on the banks of the Rio Negro in Manaus (AM), are dragging themselves in an attempt to resolve the conflict over investments in the region.

Last week, Chibatão filed a new lawsuit with Judge Jirair Aram Meguerian to suspend the investments of R$150m that Super Terminais wants to make in the Port of Manaus.

The judge has been judging the case for years – and has already given eight favorable decisions to Chibatão. In August, ANTAQ had decided during its last Ordinary Meeting by majority vote to approve Super Terminais’ investments in Manaus. The process is in the Ministry of Infrastructure ready for authorization to start the construction of a floating pier and expansion of the storage yard, based on the technical decision of ANTAQ.

Procrastinatory Action – The appeal challenges the decision taken by ANTAQ and asks the Judge to return the agenda to the body for further discussion. According to Super Terminais, the company has already accumulated losses of around R$30m and has laid off over 140 employees. For Super Terminais spokesman Dr. Bruno Morais, “this is another procrastinatory and competitive measure, which aims to delay the start of construction and investments, which is detrimental not only to the company, but also to the State of Amazonas and the Country”.

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