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Eldorado seeks new terminal in Santos

Sep, 09, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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Eldorado Brasil, one of the world’s leading pulp manufacturers, plans to expand its operations at the Port of Santos.

The company, which since 2015 has operated a terminal in the Outeirinhos region, on the right bank of the Port of Santos, has plans to acquire a new facility, this time with direct rail access and located between two berths. The information comes from the company’s general manager of Logistics and Operations, Flávio da Rocha Costa.

Currently, 95% of Eldorado’s production is exported. Of the 1.7m tons yearly produced at the company’s plant installed in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul, 1.6m tons goes abroad. Of this portion, 70% leave through the Port of Santos and the remaining 30% through complexes in the Southern Region – Itapoá (SC), Navegantes (SC), São Francisco do Sul (SC), and Paranaguá (PR).

Eldorado prepares the construction of a second production line, a project of R$10bn that already has an engineering study and environmental license and will allow the delivery of 4.2m tons of pulp per year. Therefore, there is a need to invest in the flow of production.

“In this new scenario, which we are already preparing for, we need a way to sell this larger production. And the Port of Santos is decisive for our plans. Having another area in Santos next to the berths is fundamental and vital to our growth. We are in a [pulp] market that grows up to 1.5m tons per year,” said Flávio Costa.

Eldorado’s current terminal, negotiated with Rishis, occupies Warehouse XIII (13 external). In 2015, when the company’s on-site operations began, it handled 6,000 tons per day. Today, after investments in technology, it handles 13,000 tons daily. Through it, shipments of bulk cellulose (loose) come out.

In addition to the bulk cellulose terminal, Eldorado also ships its containers in Santos, operating at three specialized terminals in the complex – Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP), Dubai Ports World Santos, and Tecon (from Santos Brasil).

In order to expand its shipments, Eldorado is awaiting the bidding of the future pulp terminals of the Port – the Government decided to set up two facilities dedicated to this cargo in the areas that were leased by Grupo Libra, in Ponta da Praia, on the right bank.

“We will attend the public hearings and analyze the Government’s plans. But they are very interesting proposals. These will be terminals with rail access and a berth, a very attractive proposition,” said Flávio Costa, Eldorado’s general manager of Logistics and Operations.

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