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200-meter-long vessel brings 680 imported cars to Brazil’s Itajaí

Sep, 22, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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A RO RO ship brought 688 luxury cars to the Port of Itajaí on Monday, September 19. Together, the vehicles weigh 1,138 tonnes. According to information from the port, the ship has already set sail from Itajaí and is headed to Argentina.

The vessel is 199.97 meters long and 32.26 wide. When disembarking the ship, the luxury cars were driven by port agents, explained the superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Fábio da Veiga.

The ship is called “California Highway” and came from the Port of Santos, in São Paulo. It bears the Panamanian flag but belongs to an ocean shipping company of Japanese origin.

This type of landing operation of cars is expected to take place in Itajaí once every month. The process takes about five hours to complete, which can vary depending on the number of vehicles.

After disembarking, the cars are taken to yards, where an inspection is carried out. Then, they are placed in stork trucks and sent to other Brazilian cities and states.

Until Tuesday (September 20), seven similar operations had been at the Port of Itajaí in 2022. According to the  Port Superintendence, 4,213 cars landed at the port this year.

Before Monday, the last operation to disembark cars in the city of Santa Catarina occurred on August 20, with the ship “Columbia Highway.”

After leaving Itajaí, the vessel’s destination is the Port of Dock Sud in Argentina.

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