East Coast South America Line Services for TOC Americas

Nov, 14, 2018

Datamar attended TOC Americas, one of the main events in the container supply chain, presenting analysis of container services available on the East Coast of South America. “The event is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and learn what’s new throughout the supply chain. Technology will be an important ally in the new economy, so as to make processes more agile, competitive and therefore more efficient to meet the demands of the increasingly robust container market”, says Andrew Lorimer.

We had the opportunity to present an overview of the container market in the East Coast of South America (ECSA). The global scenario for the next few years is slightly worse. There are signs, however, of a gradual improvement in our region. So the question arises: for how long? There are doubts, mainly, about the reconfiguration of services to Asia, in addition to many other contradictory rumors. Please find below a summary of the facts.

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